Fall 2022 Subscription Box Reveal

Let's do this fall! What to expect? Spooky scary treats, dreamy fall florals and acts of kindness gifts galore...

Em & Me Swizzle Sticks

**Em & Me Studio Things That Could Kill Me Swizzle Sticks (Retail: $12)—You know I’ve always got you when it comes to unusual gifts, and this is one of my favorites! These will make an absolutely perfect host/ess gift for your Halloween, murder mystery-loving, ID Channel-addicted friend or use them at your next spooky, scary get-together. Which weapon would you choose to hold off your enemy? Pitchfork? Snake? A combination? Isn’t it fun to dream? (JK. Wink. Wink.) (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)

 Jocelyn & Co Snack Set

**Jocelyn & Co. Snack Set (Retail: $5)—Say thank you to a neighbor or co-worker with this little snack set that includes olive oil & sea salt crackers and a mini spreader…because who doesn’t love a snack? Need a quick spreadable recipe? Grab a packet of fresh herbs (some grocery stores have an herb mix), chop and blend into some whipped cream cheese. Shape into a small ball or log shape and wrap in plastic wrap. (Pro Tip: Let sit overnight to infuse the flavors.) I’ve included a little clear sack to put your homemade spread in for gifting. (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)

Rifle Paper Co. Highlighter Set

**Rifle Paper Company Highlighter Set (Retail: $16)—There are some days when I feel like all I do is highlight things: things to do, quotes to remember, bible passages to study, things I forgot, urgent things…you get it. I love this set because it has two colors per pen. This is perfect for those of us who do color-coded lists and need every color imaginable for the hundreds of categories we’ve divided our life into…plus, flowers! So pretty to distract us from our OCD. (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)

Spongelle Wanderlust Body Buffer

**Spongellé Wanderlust Collection Body Buffer (Scent Will Vary; Retail: $18)—These are revolutionary if I’m honest. Body wash IN a buffer sponge that you can use up to 14 times. I so appreciate the efficiency of this…and so will your self-care loving friend. (What a wonderfully unique gift for a teacher, btw!) This collection really spoke to me because it gave me tropical vacation vibes with scents like Passion Flower, Sacred Lotus, Sleeping Lily and Sea Lavender. So calming, so tropical…Spongellé, take me away! (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)

W&P Crushed Ice Tray

**W&P Crushed Ice Tray (Retail: $16)—Does everyone agree that crushed ice is the best ice or no? If you have a die-hard lover of the hard stuff, gift them this tray so they can make their own on the fly. The tray is thin and flexible which allows for fast freezing and easy crushing. (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)

W&P Hydropod Kit

**W&P Hydropod (Retail: $25)—My neighbor recently gifted me with a whole basket full of garden-fresh veggies and herbs. It was just delightful to use them while cooking over the next few days. Fresh really does make a tasty difference! It inspired me to get this hydroponic set so you can give the gift of fresh sweet basil. Hydroponic gardening is growing without soil, so this chic self-contained system is perfectly “not messy” for your kitchen windowsill or other indoor space. (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)

Jacobsen Salt Co. Salt Tin

**EXTRA TREAT: Jacobsen Salt Co. Kosher Sea Salt Slide Tin—I have recently gone on a discovery of different types of salt and it’s a fun and spicy journey! I’ve learned that a little sea salt can add an incredible amount of flavor to things so I’m gifting you a little tin to have on-hand for flavoring emergencies. You’re welcome.

Your Fall 2022 Box Gift Wrap Kit Contains:

4 Flower Garden Gift Wrap Sheets from Koustrup & Co
1 Clear Self-Sealing Pouch
1 White Grocery Sack (+ 1 Clear Treat Bag)
1 Kraft Handled Bag
1 Navy Handled Bag
1 White Tissue Paper Pack (10 Sheets)
White Crinkle Cut (Reuse your packing crinkles as gift bag stuffer!)
2 5 ft Sections of Navy Grosgrain Ribbon
2 3 ft Sections of Navy Vertigo Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon
1 3 ft Section of Navy & Wine Bi-Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon
1 3 ft Section of Orange Taffy Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon
6 Kraft Enclosure Cards + Envelopes
6 Envelope Seals

Gift Wrap Kit is valued at $30.

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