Who are you?

Amy Rowell of PK's Gift Closet

My name is Amy Rowell and I proudly from Lexington, KY. PK has been around for 22 years! In 2002, I started an email newsletter that featured all types of ramblings about pop culture, travel, brands…anything and everything! It was called “My Favorite Things by Princess Kitty”. (If you were one of the 5,000 people (!!!) on the email list back then…thank you for sticking with me all these years!)

I also partnered with different brands (“my favorite things”) to provide my subscribers with discounts and free products! Not many people were doing this at the time so I really had no guidance on how to take it to the next level so I just stopped doing it. But I’m back!!

I have always had an eye for the “perfect gift” and have over 30 years of corporate gifting, hospitality and event experience. Details and quality…and an overall “experience”, no matter what I’m putting together, are very important to me and this will carry over into PK’s Gift Closet.

Also, just FYI, Princess Kitty, which became PK over the years, was a nickname given to me by a dear friend who passed away in 2001.

What is this?

PK's Gift Closet is an idea that has been floating around in my head for many years. From my past, I have known a few people who actually had a closet that was full of gifts, or a signature gift, for giving at any time. I thought that was genius because it was efficient as well as cost-effective because you had everything you needed right there: gifts, wrap, thank you cards, note cards…the works. You weren’t wasting money on random purchases because you knew what you had…it was all in one place! I have been doing a smaller version myself for many years and have always thought it would be a great idea to share with the masses.

I moved home to Kentucky in January 2020 in the hopes of opening a brick-n-mortar PK’s Gift Closet but we all know what happened there. So I pivoted to the subscription box, an industry that I am fascinated with and applaud for it’s ingeniousness! I’m in! I have a lot of ideas to grow this and am positive that this is the path I’m supposed to be on right now. Take that, COVID!

What is in it?

The PK's Gift Closet storage box includes 6 unique, high-quality gifts curated from small businesses and all the wrappings (tissue, paper, bags, ribbon, cards) you need to give those gifts to someone. For now, I personally select the gifts (“my favorite things”) and they could be anything: for women, men, children, pets, hostess, home, beauty, travel, food & drink, tech, fitness, etc... The boxes does not have a theme per se, it is just a general selection of items that are giftable to others and could relate to the various holidays, events and occasions for each quarter. I also include some wrapping suggestions or do your own thing!

Also to note, the closet box itself is an excellent storage container for organizing bills, pictures, school supplies, crafts, holiday ornaments and other things…so keep them as your go-to gift storage or use the “extras” to declutter!

Who should buy this?

ANYONE who has ever needed to give a gift at some point! The subscription box was created for gifting to others.

What’s the price point?

The box is $84.99 per quarter. This includes 6 gifts and ALL the wrappings (tissue, paper, bags, ribbon, cards) you need to give the gift to someone. It works out to about $14 per gift, which is a reasonable amount when it comes to gift giving. (Note that the retail value of each box is between $125 and $150.)

You’re also paying for a few additional things:

**My Gift Expertise: I have been working in corporate gifting, hospitality, and events for over 30 years so I’m a pro! In addition, giving to others has always made my heart sing and I pride myself on being able to give the perfect gift. I'd like to pass that along to you.

**Unique Quality Gift Selection: Because I enjoy gifting so much, I am always on the lookout for new and unique products. I also have a big stable of favorite go-to brands from all over the world that always deliver something special. I love to help people discover new things while supporting as many small businesses as I can! If I can bring some joy or make your life easier, I’m at my happiest. If you shine, I shine!

**Convenience/Time Savings/Safety: Many of you may not be up for shopping for gifts right now so PK’s Gift Closet is the perfect solution for that. If something comes up, you’ll have everything you need to still make that moment special with the perfect gift. It’s convenient, you save time by not having to run out to the store in all this mess, you save money by not overspending (because you’re in a rush) and you and your loved ones can stay safe at home.

Can I gift myself with this box?

You can and you should if that's how you're feeling! Treat yourself!

When does it ship?

Please see below for shipping schedule:

Spring 2023 Box
New Orders: Cut-Off Order Date to Receive Box: Friday, February 17, 2023
Ship Date of March Box: Week of February 20, 2023
Current Subscriber Charge Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Summer 2023 Box
New Orders: Cut-Off Order Date to Receive Box: Friday, May 19, 2023
Ship Date of June Box: Week of May 22, 2023
Current Subscriber Charge Date: Monday, May 15, 2023

Fall 2023 Box
New Orders: Cut-Off Order Date to Receive Box: Friday, August 18, 2023
Ship Date of September Box: Week of August 21, 2023
Current Subscriber Charge Date: Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Winter 2023 Box
New Orders: Cut-Off Order Date to Receive Box: Friday, November 10, 2023
Ship Date of December Box: Week of November 13, 2023
Current Subscriber Charge Date: Friday, November 10, 2023

You will be able to select from a variety of shipping methods upon checkout.

Your box may be dropped off at your doorstep without signature confirmation; it is your responsibility to ensure the box can be dropped off and left unattended without signing for it upon delivery. Please keep this in mind when providing your shipping address. Once your order is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking number.

Please contact me at info@pksgiftcloset.com if you need to update your shipping address before the 15th of the month your box will be shipped.

Do you do anything to support charitable causes?

Yes, 10% of the proceeds of all Designed by PK items will go to Greenhouse17, an advocacy agency located in Kentucky committed to ending domestic abuse in families and communities.

I also happily support various charities in my area (Lexington, KY and surrounding counties) when I am able.

This box isn’t for me. What now?

PK’s Gift Closet will always maintain the highest level of customer service possible. I absolutely loathe complicated customer service processes. I pledge to always do right by you, my loyal customer…period. Your subscription will continue until you cancel it. (And that's easy to do.) Once a box is shipped, it is final sale and not returnable. However, you may easily cancel your subscription after that at any time, no questions asked. (I would love feedback though.) Just send me an email with the subject line "Please Cancel". And remember you're charged the 15th of the month your box ships so be sure to cancel before then.

You also have the ability within your account to pause your subscription or skip a box if you need a break.

If your order is damaged during shipping or you are missing an item from your box, please contact info@pksgiftcloset.com with the subject line “Trouble with Box”. I’ll do everything I can to make it right by you.

I don’t want to sign up for a subscription. Do you have one-off boxes?

Yes, there is a Quick Gift section, a Market for individual gifts and a Create Your Own gift box section. There is also a section with a few items designed by PK! But remember, you can pause or cancel your subscription box at anytime without any hassle after the first shipment if you don’t like it so why not give it a try?

Can you help with personal gift shopping?

I get a lot of requests for this and I wish I could help with every one...but it's just too time-consuming. I can do a limited amount of personal shopping for those local to me (Lexington area, Kentucky) for a fee. Just send an email to info@pksgiftcloset.com with the subject line “Personal Shopping”.

I’m interested in help with corporate, event or group gifting. Can you help?

Yes, if you are looking to put together a gift box for your employees, clients, rental property (welcome gift), special event, wedding or any other group, I can source and put those together for you. There will be an additional consulting fee on these orders, as well as a 10 box minimum. Also note, for ordering purposes, there will need to be at least a six (6) week lead time. Click here to fill out your initial inquiry form.

I’d like to make up my own Gift Closet at home. Can you help?

I can definitely help you organize that! I can do all the work or just advise for a fee. Just send an email to info@pksgiftcloset.com with the subject line “At-Home Gift Closet”.

Do you accept feedback?

I hope you will give me feedback, good or bad! In fact, here’s my personal email: amy@pksgiftcloset.com. I’d love to hear your comments, suggestions or if there is something you would like to see in a future box. I’d also love it if you shared your box, or unboxing, on social media! Be sure to tag me or use the hashtag #pksgiftcloset!

Also, if you love PK, PLEASE review PK on Google or Facebook!