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PK's Gift Closet Quarterly Subscription Box

I Want To Be Prepared!


I live in a rural area and there's not much shopping close by. What I really like about PK's Gift Closet, besides how chic and beautifully curated it is, is the convenience. There are six gift items (something for everyone) and all that's needed to wrap them. There are even suggestions for how to wrap them...however, I taught PK everything she knows so I don't need any help! I'm not running all over for a last-minute gift and all the trimmings. I love it and can't wait for my next box!

PK's Mom

I love the subscription box from PK's Gift Closet.  I have limited time for shopping- even online. Even if I had taken the time to shop, I would not have been able to find the unique and trendy gifts that the first box held.  PK's wrapping tips and the accompanying 'how-to' YouTube video, helped me put a special touch on my gift giving.  Every time I've given one of the gifts, I've done a happy dance because I've felt the recipient's joy. I am looking forward to getting another box soon! 

Jane P

A friend has been going through some tough stuff. Her daughter just had a baby. I had the kid’s placemat from your 1st box and I dropped in on her the other day with it, along with one of the shower steamers. The gift made it easier for me to drop by and visit with her a little while. Without the gift, I may have said, “Oh, I don’t have time to figure all this out...” (meaning what to get, arrange a time to see her, etc...) The gift giving helped ME and allowed ME to show support to my friend.

A Happy PK Customer