My Favorite Things: May 2022

In 2002, I started PK with an email newsletter called “My Favorite Things”. I carried on for a few years but stopped because I just didn’t know what to do with it to grow it further.

To celebrate 20 years of PK, I’ve decided to bring back an abbreviated version of My Favorite Things by sharing five of my favorites for each month.

So what was I obsessed with in May? Let’s find out!

(Note: None of these items are sponsored. These are truly things I’ve enjoyed this month.)

These Shoes

Braided Sandals from Amazon

Braided Sandals ($12.99)

I love the braided marshmallow-y top sandal/slide thing going on right now. It’s so cute. Since PK is a business owner, she’s on a budget so I was all over this pair from Amazon. They’re comfortable and the kitten-heel is a nice throwback vibe…and about as high as I can go anymore. I wanted every color but settled on this orange-y brown that is a nice neutral with a little punch.

These Journals

 Habit Nest Nutrition Journal

Habit Nest Journals ($24.99)


I’m not a big journal writer anymore because I tend to skew a little negative (I know, not you, PK! But yes…) But these journals are very VERY productive and are really helpful when tackling some difficult habits to break such as nutrition choices and financial planning (AND GRATITUDE). I like that I have things I need to keep track of and own up to…it’s healthy to confront your problem areas. You have it within you to make changes for the better! And good news, I carry some of these in my online store!

These Mocktails

Mingle Mocktails

Mingle Mocktails ($14.95 for a variety 4 pack)

I have decided to cut way back on my alcohol intake in this stage of life because it is just not serving me…in any way. I just don’t have time for a 4-day hangover, you know what I’m sayin’? There is a social aspect to it for me and while I am absolutely fine to not be drinking when others are, it’s sometimes nice to have something in hand. I am a big fan of the Cucumber Melon Mojito and the Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini. They are so refreshing and perfect for whatever hot girl summer you plan on having…and I hope you have a plan!

This Snack


Snacklins ($24.99 for a variety 12 pack)

As I continue to fight what “strange thing” my body has morphed into, I’ve learned that I have to give up some things that don’t agree with me anymore…and it sucks. I’m a big-time salty snack gal and these have saved my life! Plus, they are delicious! They are kind of like a pork rind texture but are made from yuca, mushrooms and onions and have some yummy flavors, like BBQ (my favorite) and Chesapeake Bay. They are 90 calories for the whole bag and have easily defeated my cravings for chips. I believe you can also buy them at Whole Foods. Trust me, this is a decent junk food trade.

This Show

Stranger Things

Stranger Things (Netflix)

Oh heavens, this show. I could literally watch the whole thing on a loop all day, every day. In fact, I will probably rewatch episodes 1-7 of season 4 before chapter 2 comes out July 1. It’s just my jam. As you may or may not know, I am constantly nostalgic for the 80s. I love everything about it: the music, the movies, the fashion, the colors, the pop culture…all of it. It was a blast being a teenager in the 80s! This show is just a big ol’ comfy cozy weighted blanket of nostalgic cotton candy for me. And I’m a nerd at heart…so there’s that too. (Parents: If you’re not familiar, it is pretty intensely violent and gory so beware.)

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