My Favorite Things: October 2022

In 2002, I started PK with an email newsletter called “My Favorite Things”. I carried on for a few years but stopped because I just didn’t know what to do with it to grow it further.

To celebrate 20 years of PK, I’ve decided to bring back an abbreviated version of My Favorite Things by sharing five of my favorites for each month.

Let’s check out the things I loved this month!

(Note: None of these items are sponsored. These are truly things I’ve enjoyed this month.)

This Snack Mix

Pumpkin Spice Snack Mix

Hocus Pocus (Pumpkin Spice Snack Mix)

No, I don’t know why I called it that but yes, I did watch “Hocus Pocus” and eat some. The combination also magically came into my mind after I had my first few pieces of candy corn for the year. Yum! Let me know your thoughts…or share your favorite combos with me.

1 bag of white chocolate pumpkin spice popcorn (or any caramel corn)
1 cup of pumpkin spice pretzels
1 cup of Mother’s Eerie Critters Cookies
¼ cup of chewy caramel bits (in the bakery aisle)
½ cup of honey roasted peanuts
½ cup of Milk Duds
½ cup of candy corn

Dump all in a bowl and mix. (And of course, add as much of any of the ingredients as you want. For example, I may have dumped the whole box of Milk Duds in mine.)

Check out my fancy video on Tik Tok @pksgiftcloset!

This Movie Genre

Chopping Mall Movie Poster

70s & 80s Campy/Cheesy Horror

I can’t with today’s horror movies…with all the torture and brutality. It’s just not fun. I don’t get it. When I watch a horror movie, I want it to be silly and campy and so bad it’s good. Those bring me real joy. If you feel the same, let’s be friends! Of course, October is spooky season so I sat down this month with my Hocus Pocus snack mix and watched a whole bunch of cheesy, mindless 70s/80s horror! It was wonderful! Here’s a list of my top 5 with little to no explanation:

  1. Black Christmas (1974 version)
    4. Anything with Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween, The Fog, Prom Night, Terror Train)
    3. Black Roses (Soundtrack is a must-have!)
    2. Witchboard (RIP Tawny Kitaen)
    1. Chopping Mall (Literal 80s horror perfection…)

This Skincare Line

No.7 Beauty Menopause Skincare

No.7 Beauty Menopause Skincare ($19.99 to $41.99)

I’m very serious about skincare because, honestly, my skin looks damn good. I tried the day cream from this line and I loved how light it felt on my skin when mixed with my day face oil. It also has 30 SPF, even though I love to throw on 100 SPF or higher. (No sun on this skin!) In all seriousness, I was impressed enough that I’m willing to give the other products a try (and I don’t normally differ from my regimen)…cooling face mist and night cream, here I come!

This Nail Polish

Gucci Nail Polish

Gucci Vernis à Ongles Nail Polish (Retail: $32)

Treat Yo Self! I’m spouting straight facts here: this is one of the best nail polishes I’ve ever tried. It first got me with its retro 50s/60s packaging that is to die for…but I’ve kept buying for the quality. It goes on so smoothly AND it lasts! I don’t get my fingernails professionally done because with all the hands-on work I do, the manicure is ruined within a couple of days. This will last a week easily and look fresh. The range of colors is exquisite, not to mention Gucci’s incredible shipping game.

This Snack

Popcorners Popped Corn Snack

Popcorners Popped Corn Snacks

I love popcorn so much that I can’t describe it in words. It’s one of my desert island foods? I could eat it for dinner every night? Those statements just don’t capture the love. These salty, crunchy monsters have infiltrated my life and taken over, let me tell you. I just needed to shake up my popcorn routine and these did the trick…especially when I’m too lazy to pop popcorn the old-fashioned way. (Yes, I do have a recipe. No, I’m not sharing it. Read the book…hint hint.) There is a nice range of flavors but I love the plain ol’ sea salt version.

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