Spring 2023 Subscription Box Reveal

Spring has sprung...and so has the Spring subscription box! What's inside??

Karen Adams Design The Daily Edit Note Pad

**Karen Adams Design The Daily Edit Note Pad (Retail: $28)—I have to-do lists everywhere: in my phone, next to my desk, next to my bed, in my office, in my car…it’s extra, I know. I just love that feeling of crossing something off my always long list. (Hands: Who adds something to their list that they have already done just so they can cross it off?) However, am I organized with that many lists? Not really… I love this big ol’ “slay the day” notepad because it’s easily accessible, nothing to open or flip through plus there are lots of pages for when I’m feeling extra ambitious! (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)

Karen Adams Design Party Supplies Kit

**Karen Adams Design Party Supplies Kit (Retail: $41; Style will vary)—Remember when you found out you had to bake 4 dozen cupcakes the night before they were needed and you had nothing to make them “display-worthy”? I was thinking of you when I added this set: 100 cupcake liners (which can also be used for snack cups, crafts, etc…), a big jar of sprinkles (to social media-fy your cupcakes or store-bought cake) and 16 candles (Hi, Jake Ryan…IYKYK). What a cute gift for your favorite baker who I know can’t get enough of fun and colorful supplies! (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)

Portland Syrups Mocktail Recipe Book

**Portland Syrups Mocktail Recipe Book (Retail: $10)—The BIG trend in retail AND in popular culture right now is NOT drinking…and I’m kind of digging it! I love my wine and bubbles buuuuut I cannot recover like I used to, and I just have too much to do to be nursing a five-day hangover. This chic little book has all kinds of unique mocktail recipes that will make you not even miss the kick…in the pants…that cocktails can give you…sometimes…so I’ve heard. (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)

Sugarfina Kombucha Gummy Bears

**Sugarfina Kombucha Gummy Bears (Retail: $8.95; Flavors will vary)—Have you tried kombucha? It’s certainly very healthy for you and you can eat it, drink it, add it to whatever but it can have a taste that takes some getting used to…so how about trying it in gummy form? (Everything is better in gummy form, yes?) These are infused with kombucha tea and come in Lemon Ginger, Pomegranate and Watermelon. And so cutely packaged for a sweet pick-me-up gift! (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)

Root Elixirs Blossom Garnishes

**Root Elixirs Blossom Garnishes (Retail: $8)—Because everything is better with a flourish, I’ve included this Blossom Garnish Pack that includes lemon slices, rose buds, and strawberries that will make any cocktail or mocktail Instagram-worthy! {Think about how pretty these would look floating in an ice-cold lemonade glistening in the sunshine! Swoon!} (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)

Pipstickers Bookplates

**Pipstickers Bookplates (Retail: $3.95)—Another trend I’m loving is reading…reading actual in-your-hands books! Let me tell you, the library is poppin’ right now! I’m beside myself! What I don’t love is when I lend a book that I’d like back and never see again. Ugh. I’m getting your bookplate collection started with a sheet of sticker versions from Pipsticks. Trust me, you’ll become obsessed with labeling your collection! They also make a unique gift for your favorite bookworm. (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)

Portland Syrups Sample-Size Mocktail Syrup

**EXTRA TREAT: Portland Syrups Sample-Size Mocktail Syrup ($5; Flavors Will Vary)—I’ve included a mini bottle of flavored mocktail syrup for you to try and if you like it, use the discount code PKSGift15 for 15% off your order at PortlandSyrups.com! They have so many flavors to choose from and you can count on the ingredients being all-natural for a delicious, great tasting mocktail every time.

Your Spring 2023 Box Gift Wrap Kit Contains:

1 Ballard & Scott White Anemone Gift Wrap Sheet
1 White Handled Gift Bag
1 Kraft Handled Gift Bag
1 Clear Gift Bag
1 Kraft Pillow Pack
1 Blush Pink Gift Envelope
1 Pale Pink Tissue Paper Pack (8 Sheets)
White Crinkle Cut (Reuse your packing crinkles as gift bag stuffer!)
1 5 ft Section of White Grosgrain Ribbon
1 5 ft Section of Dark Purple Grosgrain Ribbon
2 3 ft Sections of Black & White Taffy Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon
1 3 ft Section of Hunter Green Grosgrain Ribbon
1 3 ft Section of Purple Taffy Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon
3 White Enclosure Cards + Envelopes
3 Kraft Enclosure Cards + Envelopes
6 PK Envelope Seals

Gift Wrap Kit is valued at $25.

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