Summer 2022 Subscription Box Reveal

Check out the cuteness of our Summer Subscription Box! All is revealed below...

Cheers Napkins in Woven Rattan Tray

**8 Oak Lane Natural Woven Cocktail Napkin Tray & Natalie Chang Cheers! Napkins (Retail: $25)—Summer is upon us! The weather is getting nicer! We’re feeling good and looking fine! Let’s have people over! Don’t worry about the state of your home or what you have to offer, just get together. Put your phones away and have a chat, play a game or learn some Tik Tok dances. Allow me to help you with a little décor with this chic cocktail tray and napkins. This looks wonderful with all types of interiors and this shade of green is having a moment right now (and goes with everything). This set will also be the perfect new homeowners’ gift as it is offering the gift of hospitality, which is integral to blessing a new home. (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)


Dirt Bag Beauty


**Dirt Bag Beauty Single-Use Beauty Packet (Treatment Will Vary; Retail: $3.50)—Another fantastic discovery: these single-use packets of various beauty treatments from Dirt Bag Beauty. They feature clean ingredients and are vegan, organic, and eco-friendly. The assorted treatments include face masks, bath soaks, face cleansers and lip treatments. Gift this as a little self-care treat for someone who may need a moment. (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)


Luckies of London Colorlogue


**Luckies of London Colorlogue Travel Record (Retail: $30)—When I first saw this, I knew immediately that it had to be included in a box. It’s a fun travelogue for keeping track of your adventures and learning about new places for your bucket list. It comes with six colored pencils to color in places you’ve visited or just doodle. What a wonderful gift for a teen with adventure goals or a friend who is itching to fill up their passport again! (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)

Mad Man Fidget Pen

**Mad Man Magnetic Fidget Pen (Retail: $12)—I’m discovering the wonder of fidget gadgets and how helpful they are for my anxiety spurts so I was happy to come across this sleek fidget pen that would be just perfect for Dad. (Father’s Day is June 19.) It has detachable pieces that flex, spin, slide and twist. The perfect distractions while figuring out today’s Wordle or organizing the latest honey-do list! (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)

Pieceworks Fruit Loop Puzzle

**Piecework Puzzles Fruit Loop Puzzle (Retail: $27)—For kids OR adults, this puzzle is perfect for a rainy-day activity or a fun evening with friends. At 100 pieces, this is completely manageable and not at all stressful, as larger puzzles can be. (Ask my mother who has been working on a puzzle for five months now.) I have also included a QR code for a playlist, created by Piecework Puzzles, to enjoy while you hunt for the corner pieces. So clever, I just love a soundtrack, don’t you!?!? (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)

Well-Kept Screen Wipes

**Well-Kept Screen Wipes (Retail: $6)—Perhaps many of you are familiar with these but if not, they are a game changer. They do such an incredible job at cleaning screens and glasses, they need to be everywhere in your home and car…or in your child’s backpack. This is definitely an item that once you’ve tried it, you can’t imagine life without it! (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)

Squish Gummies

EXTRA TREAT: Squish Gummies (Flavor will vary)—I am a gummy candy fanatic, so I just had to let you try my current favorite brand of gummies, Squish Candy! IYKYK that texture plays a big part in the overall deliciousness of a gummy…and these do not disappoint. In so many fun shapes and flavors, this packet is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up for you or your bestie.

Your Summer 2022 Box Gift Wrap Kit Contains:

1 Popsicles Wrap Sheet from Emmy + Olly (Halve for 2 Sheets)
1 10x20 Clear Cello Bag
1 Curved Clear Cello Treat Bag
1 White Handled Gift Bag
1 Patterned Treat Bag
1 White Tissue Pack (10 Sheets)
White Crinkle Cut (Reuse your packing crinkles as gift bag stuffer!)
2 5 ft Sections of Tahitian Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon
1 3 ft Section of Black & White Taffy Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon
1 3 ft Section of Orange & White Taffy Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon
1 3 ft Section of White Grosgrain Ribbon
1 3 ft Section of Yellow Grosgrain Ribbon
3 White Enclosure Cards + Envelopes
3 Emmy + Olly Rainbow Gift Tags
     **Write message and slip in with gift or punch a hole through the corner and thread through ribbon before tying
6 Envelope Seals

Gift Wrap Kit is valued at $25.

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