Summer 2023 Subscription Box Reveal

It's the final box! Thank you for going on this journey with me! This subscription box was an idea formed from necessity and I am grateful to you for believing in it. I hope you’ll always be inspired to practice the ideals I wanted to impart through PK’s Gift Closet: kindness, connectivity, compassion, and empathy. And remember to always practice Gift Preparedness! Cheers! PK (Amy)

 In Dolly We Trust Tea Towel

**Barrel Down South In Dolly We Trust Tea Towel (Retail: $12)—Dolly & Jesus are forever my co-pilots so I thought this tea towel would be a perfect gift for the last PK box. It hopefully will serve as a reminder to be radically generous, fun-loving, hard-working, self-loving, and kind-hearted, not to mention LIGHT-hearted, like my queen, Dolly. (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)

Inklings Kids Road Trip Kit

**Inklings Paperie Kids Road Trip Kit (Retail: $25)—Let’s get going! Let’s do and see! I have recently embraced a good road trip and enjoy the time to listen to music and podcasts, practice my Emmy award speech and do some estate planning with my future lottery winnings. I no longer feel the need to get anywhere as quickly as possible. I’m enjoying the ride and the interesting things to see along the way. Your kiddos may not feel this way though and need some distractions. This “old school” kit includes doodle pages, games, prompt cards for discussion and creativity, STICKERS, and a lot more. Have I taken a little time out with my inner child on this one? Maybe… (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)

Kitsch Lavender Satin Pillowcase

**Kitsch The Lavender Satin Pillowcase (Retail: $20)—I have slept on a purple satin pillowcase since birth. It’s my security “blanket” not to mention it’s cooling and gentle on my face and hair. This may be one of those things you’ve always wanted to buy but haven’t…but now that you have one, you’ll never live without it. (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)

Me Mother Earth Silicone Tumbler

**Me Mother Earth Silicone Tumbler with Travel Bag (Retail: $10; Color Will Vary)—I am always here to try and do something to help our sweet Mother Earth, our oceans, our eco-system, etc… It feels overwhelming at times, but I can only do the best I can. This tumbler is a fun little gift for an on-the go friend or co-worker. Pair with a half-bottle of their favorite bev and a fun little snack for a sweet summer vacay send-off. (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)

Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit

**Pinch Provisions Good Luck Minimergency Kit (Retail: $20)—This kit is my most favorite gift ever, so it was only appropriate to include it in this final box. 17 on-the-go essentials packed neatly into this teeny tiny case (plus brain games to get them back inside)! Since I hail from Kentucky, you know I had to go with a horseshoe for you to remember me by. (Horseshoes are also very good luck so that too.) (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)

TOPS Malibu Sparklettes

**TOPS Malibu Sparklettes (Retail: $15; Color Will Vary)—My grandmother, and mother, LOVE sparklers (which means I love them). Every time I see one, I think of them. I can easily picture them waving one around with such joy! Remember the joy of simple pleasures? Sparklers are not just for the 4th of July. I love a sparkler as a cute birthday or special occasion extra to make a wish on…a wish upon a sparkling star! (Click HERE to see this gift wrapped!)

Simply Gum Product Line

**EXTRA TREAT: Simply Gum (Treat Will Vary)—I’m entering my “eliminate all things inflammatory from my life” era and I’m taking you with me! If you’ve always wanted to try this line, now’s your chance. They offer gum, mints, gummy candy, and snack bars free of fillers (like PLASTIC) and full of all-natural ingredients.

Your Summer 2023 Box Gift Wrap Kit Contains:

1 Amy Heitman Oceans Gift Wrap Sheet
1 Black & White Stripe Handled Bag
1 Clear Gusseted Bag
1 Frosted Glassine Bag
1 Navy OR Grey Handled Bag
1 White Grocery Sack
1 Cream, Pink OR White Tissue Paper Pack
White OR Cream Crinkle Cut (Reuse your packing crinkles as gift bag stuffer!)
1 5 ft Section of Cream Grosgrain Ribbon
1 5 ft Sections of Grey Grosgrain Ribbon
2 3 ft Sections of Black & White Taffy Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon
1 3 ft Section of Coastal Cabana Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon
1 3 ft Section of White Grosgrain Ribbon
6 White Enclosure Cards + Assorted Color Envelopes
6 PK Envelope Seals

Gift Wrap Kit is valued at $25.

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