Winter 2021 Subscription Box Reveal

It's time to reveal the Winter 2021 Subscription Box!

Bang Candy Hot Chocolate on a Stick**Bang Candy Hot Chocolate on a Stick (Retail: $5)—It’s hard for me to resist including a little sweet treat, especially during the holidays. This hot chocolate is a blend of dark and white Belgian chocolate with a few secret ingredients…and, let me tell you, it’s tasty! Drop off to a neighbor or prepare for your little snow angel after an icy cold romp outside building snowmen. (Click here to see this gift wrapped!)

Barrel Down South Pigskin Socks

**Barrel Down South Pigskin Socks (Retail: $10)—Sports just energize most of us! They bring us together to cheer on, or cry for, our favorite team. Football has always been a fantastic opportunity, because of the fine art of tailgating, to socialize and spend time together. And boy, do we all need it! So, gear up your beloved football fanatic with this new pair of “lucky socks”! You’re welcome! (Click here to see this gift wrapped!)

Girls Can Tell Kitchen Equivalents Tea Towel

**Girls Can Tell Kitchen Equivalents Tea Towel (Retail: $16)—I have a cutting board that I got when I moved into my first apartment (ahem) years ago and it has a multitude of kitchen equivalents on it that I still reference regularly to this day! I haven’t been able to find another one like it, but this tea towel comes very close. The design is drawn by hand and is accompanied with cute graphics to help visualize. What a useful gift for a new homeowner or host/ess. For a little extra treat, pair with some measuring spoons or cups. (Click here to see this gift wrapped!)

Make-Up Eraser Original

**Make-Up Eraser Original (Colors Will Vary; Retail: $20)— We all do it. We clean our face and we use wipes, cotton balls, etc... because it's just easier! We’re tired. We’re lazy. I'm 100% guilty! I have gotten into using a Make-Up Eraser and it works so well, which makes me feel a little better about my footprint. You can throw it in the washing machine and it lasts for several years, equaling the use of 3600 make-up wipes. Wow! (Click here to see this gift wrapped!)

Open The Joy Kindness Missions Box

**Open The Joy Kindness Missions Box (Retail: $30)—It was so important for me to include this in this box. It is a wonderfully thoughtful activity kit to help kids practice kindness…to nature, family, friends, themselves, and everyone around them. It has a fun spin to make children “joy secret agents” and has all sorts of projects to help them complete their “missions”. What an important lesson! This would also make a helpful gift to a teacher to inspire them to create kindness challenges within their classrooms. (Click here to see this gift wrapped!)

Ten Thousand Villages Palm Wood Cheese Board & Knife

**Ten Thousand Villages Palm Wood Cheese Board & Knife (Retail: $19)—This charmingly delicate board was sustainably sourced and made in Cambodia. It is perfect for an intimate charcuterie, cheese, or dessert platter. It comes with a small knife, both naturally patterned from palm wood. This would make such a unique host/ess gift or gift to an entertainer who seemingly has everything. (Click here to see this gift wrapped!)

Hey Sugar Glitter Bomb **Extra Treat: Hey Sugar Glitter Bomb (Retail: $5)—Happy New Year! Or Happy Monday! Drop this into a glass of champagne, juice, or soda to make your drink a little “extra” with sparkling edible glitter. Reminder: Celebrate every day!

Your Winter 2021 Box Gift Wrap Kit Contains:

1 Vintage Plaid Holiday Wrap Sheet from Amy Heitman
1 Large Clear Cello Bag
1 Small Clear Cello Bag
1 Frosted Glassine Bag
1 White Grocery Sack
1 Black & White Stripe Handle Bag
1 White Tissue Pack (10 Sheets)
White Crinkle Cut (Reuse your packing crinkles as gift bag stuffer!)
1 6 ft Section of Cream Grosgrain Ribbon
1 6 ft Section of Emerald Green Grosgrain Ribbon (Extra)
1 3 ft Section of Black Satin Ribbon
2 3 ft Section of Black & White Taffy Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon
1 3ft Section of Green + White Taffy Stripe OR White Grosgrain Ribbon
6 White Enclosure Cards + Envelopes
6 Envelope Seals

Gift Wrap Kit is valued at $25.

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